Domiciled in Birmingham, England.  Now past 60 and still  in search of answers that probably don’t exist.  Music polymath, but with a special fondness for jazz, late 60’s rock and modern acoustic stuff.  Unfeasibly large cd collection. Doting Father and United fan. A sucker for purple prose. Travel junkie.  There’s probably more but that will give you some idea….

“Writing is learning to say nothing, more cleverly every day.” (William Allingham)


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  1. Looks a good blog. Shame about the football team. Baseball team ok although prefer the Mets.

  2. I like you am a musical polymath with special interests in West Coast, Jazz, Psych/Prog and Danish Rock especially. Have you bought the officially released Ragnarok DVD with Culpepers or the unofficial DVD Going Underground with Culpepers Orchard doing Steamhouse and a different version lyrically of Classified Ads. The Hell for Lykke film has cameo appearances by Day of Phoenix fronted by Cy Nicklin performing an otherwise unreleased track but that’s hard to find. I do have Going for a Song transferred to CDR but only in a rough form from a third party. I could conceivably borrow the album and do a proper job myself re the sleeve etc so let me know if you’re still stuck for it. I agree that the Progressive Line reissues were poor especially Second Sight which was an album I bought in England at the time but I actually prefer the continuity of the Prog Line version of the first album because Tomrerclaus accidentally put a track break where he shouldn’t have on hos official version somewhat ruinin the continuity.

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your mail. You have certainly made my day, I can tell you….

      OK, first things first – I have a piece of video of Culpeper’s Orchard performing at what I thought was Roskilde, but maybe this is the Ragnarok footage you mention. I have to say that I was totally unaware of these other video performances; I will keep my eye out for all of them.

      Inevitably, I am currently much more interested in getting hold of a copy of ‘Going for a Song’ and would be SO grateful if you could provide a CDR of any quality. Let me know via my Hotmail address of anything you are particularly keen to get hold of and I’m sure we can arrive at a ‘quid pro quo’ swap arrangement. I have a large collection of CD’s with a great deal of jazz, rock, folk and world music, so let me know if you have anything you’d like to hear. I will assume that you have all the obvious Scandinavian rock stuff – I really don’t have much; odd bits of Day of Phoenix, Wigwam, Tasavallan Presidentti etc but nothing much else. Anyway, once we settle on something appropriate we can swap snail mail addresses and proceed accordingly. Hope that sounds OK…let me know your thoughts. Hotmail address is learning2saynothing@hotmail.co.uk

      Look forward to hearing from you

  3. If you’d be interested in allowing Guitar International magazine to post some of your articles…I think our readers would gain some insights into some music they might never hear about….our site is free to readers, including all of our archives…Rick

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