Another milestone……

Yesterday, this blog quietly crept past 100,000 hits since its inception way back in September 2009. 

Those were t’ days when you could go out with a 50p coin in your pocket, drink 12 pints of embalming fluid, eat 3 Chicken Bhunas and still have enough left to get a stretch limo home……

Well, maybe not; nostalgia, as has been well-documented, ain’t what it used to be.  Even so,  I do seem to have churned out a lot of verbiage and doubtless some drivel along the way and I really must thank all visitors, but in particular serial offenders, for dropping in to keep that remorseless counter ticking over. 

I can’t actually say that I never thought I’d reach this stage because for much of its existence I never really considered the  ‘life’ of the blog.  Just moved on to  the next post …and yet here we are still.

Right now, I’m feeling a bit like a neglectful parent because, due to well-documented issues dealt with at some length in recent posts, I just don’t have much time or energy left for blogging .  I’m not going to reproach myself too much about that, simply because this is after all a blog, not a daily newspaper. 

Things will, eventually, settle down again I’m sure, leaving me with more energy for lots of other, less onerous things, including blogging.  We’re now into Winter’s ‘dog days’ and Spring is just around the corner, so there is light at the end of the tunnel in most respects.  Here’s to the next 100,000….

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