Going to see the River Man……

Another pause in proceedings for LTSN coming up…..

Very welcome, too, as the current epidemic of inner city riots seems to be bringing out everyone’s inner Stalin…

It will be nice to escape to Kerala for a bit of backwater life.

Only a 10-day trip, but I’m very much looking forward to my first visit to India for 22 years.

I was in Sri Lanka about 5 years ago, but India is something else….  I am anticipating that there will have been many changes since the last time I was there.  After all, I have changed a good deal in the intervening period, so it’s a reasonable bet that India has changed considerably as well.

Back towards the end of the month with any number of travellers’ tales…


2 responses to “Going to see the River Man……

  1. Looking forward to read your traveller’s tales.

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