The new ‘Evil Empire’?

Birmingham has been infested with the Tory Party Conference this week.  Lots of hatchet-faced women in twin-sets and pearls and William Hague clones who look as though they’re too young to shave, let alone vote.

Among the sideshows to the rabble-rousing in the main auditorium, there was – allegedly – a ‘straw poll’ taken among delegates, ‘Daily Mail’ readers  and like-minded fellow-travellers to determine the most evil forces throughout history.

Full results are given below, but it’s interesting to note that Satan & all his Minions are still keeping Tony & Gordon from the # 1 spot and that Adolf & the boys have slipped to # 7 – well, it is the Tories after all…..

And now the results….

1. Satan and all his Minions

2. Brown and Blair

3. Sauron & the Hosts of Mordor

4. Voldemort

5. ‘Guardian’ readers

6. Hunt saboteurs

7. The Nazis

8. Peter Mandelson

9. The EU

10. Any other lefties, dole scroungers, illegal immigrants, northerners etc….

So far, so predictable, but the really big story came in midweek as news broke that the owners of the  Boston Red Sox were proposing to take over Liverpool FC.  The prospect of such an Unholy Alliance led to the poll results being suppressed.  An unofficial recount from a limited number of voters suggested that this new Combine of Evil would have come in at # 3 if not higher.

In all seriousness, do I really need any more reasons to despise both Liverpool and the Red Sux?  As a fan of Manchester United and the New York Yankees, I would characterise this new initiative as a marriage forged in the nethermost regions of Hell.

Also, interestingly, Sir Alex Ferguson is currently having a break from the club….in New York.   It would just be terrific if Fergie got himself out to Yankee Stadium and persuaded the Steinbrenner family to buy out the Glazers.  That would really set the cat amongst the pigeons….

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