The Curious Case of the Enforced Facelift

Sorry about that…I’ve just been watching the BBC’s ‘modern dress’ version of Sherlock Holmes  and a little Conan Doyle seems to have rubbed off…

 Something weird seems to have happened as regards the appearance of this blog today.  It looks different and when I logged on early this evening, pretty much all the stuff – calendar, hits counter etc –  in the sidebar had gone AWOL.  WordPress moves in mysterious ways it seems…….

Anyway, not that most people will notice or care, but  it gave me a chance to reorganise things a little.  The header is now a suitable blue to match the image below (which is of the island of Træna in northern Norway, in case you were wondering) and I’ve added  a ‘Categories’ drop-down in the sidebar, making it easier for you to find more archive posts in a similar vein, so to speak.

I’d really like to change the font to something a bit less bland than this but as far as I can tell, they start charging you once you get into that kind of thing.  Also, frankly, there are limits to how much messing about I can be bothered to do…

Right, that’s enough of that…..time to move on….

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