Cinematics in Sydney….

Got a  nice e-mail from Paul in Sydney whilst I was scarfing up wine and cheese in France.  He’s involved with an organisation called Moshcam (or maybe Mosh Cam) who stream Australian concert videos filmed (or so it seems) from the auditorium.

Paul and I seem to share a taste for some of the bands/artists featured herein, though not, apparently in football teams.  He said some very nice things about some of the reviews featured on this blog and though he didn’t ask for a plug, I feel it only fair to provide one.

A quick glance at the website ( reveals a large number of acts unknown to me but you can trawl the Artists menu and make your own decisions about that.  I will certainly be returning to have a look at gigs by The Cinematic Orchestra, The Necks and The Waifs and may explore some of the others if time permits.  Sound and picture quality seem to be just fine from what I can see/hear.  Recommended.


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