Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

French Leave

Off to southwest France for 10 days tomorrow, so this Blog will be on hold until early July.

Perhaps the fact that ‘Les Bleues’ have contrived to screw up their World Cup campaign even more comprehensively than Ing-er-land will give us common cause with the locals.

This will be home for the next 10 days.  Just don’t mention the World Cup

Watched the England/Algeria game in a pub in Derby on Friday night and there were a lot of really angry people engaged in quite heated discussions afterwards.  I count myself fortunate that my support for the national team has never been more than lukewarm.  Having seen what the likes of Brazil, Argentina and Portugal (to name but 3) have served up I find it hard to believe that anyone could regard England as serious contenders anyway.  The widespread prediction of a fourth-place finish for England now looks more ludicrous than ever.

Anyway, it should soon  be possible to enjoy the tournament without the hype and nonsense that surrounds Capello’s also-rans.  Brazil have impressed more than anyone else, if only because they seem to have learned how to defend impressively whilst still looking good going forward.  Still hoping that Argentina can overcome their defensive limitations, but I suspect they’ll get found out sooner or later.

For now, all of this can go on the back burner as I immerse myself in a regime of red wine, goat’s cheese, confit du canard – all whilst reading lots of books and visiting the odd market.  Should be good.

à bientôt…………..