In the stillness of the morning……

Birmingham Airport is a fairly busy provincial airport; nothing like as important as the London airports or Manchester Airport, but on a weekday generating substantial amounts of traffic.  On most mornings, there is a steady rumble of aircraft passing through the airspace over this particular part of south Birmingham and during summer holiday/charter flight season, it can actually get quite oppressive.

Not right now, folks……

Today is a beautiful sunny morning, a little chilly, with that slight but constant north-west wind that is blowing clouds of volcanic ash from the eruption at Eyjafjällajökull over most of northern Europe.  The joy of listening to journalists try to pronounce the name of the volcano has, however, now been exceeded on the fun-ometer by the stillness here in the heart of the city.  Kings Heath has become a sunny enclave of gentle birdsong and little in the way of extraneous traffic noise and everything is now grounded until tomorrow.  Inconvenient for many but some of us are enjoying the unexpected peace.  We have friends who live on a farm in southwestern France which is totally off the main corridors of air traffic and in terms of traffic noise, this is akin to being at their place.  Blissful, if temporary…

“That’s..uhhh…Eya-fall…errr..Eryfulljokey…err…OK, the Icelandic volcano…”


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