Album Cover of the Week……

Now this is what happens when a sixties art director takes a few extra  Haliborange at a party and watches a few too many episodes of  William Hartnell-era  ‘Dr Who’.

Let’s deal with the woman in the foreground first.  Despite her pallor, she appears to be alive, but nonetheless looks like a recovering smackhead on a day out at the beach.  One thing she is not is alluring or attractive and it’s not just the greenish tinting, it’s also the proto- Noddy Holder hairstyle and skanky baby doll pyjamas she is wearing, too.  Echh..

As for Tadpole Boy in the background, I’m really not sure what to say…  Understandably he has no interest in the Green Non-Oriental Girl in the foreground, so his main function appears to be to provide a visual break between the artist’s name and the album title. 

I wonder how his agent sold this to him…..” Hey Steve? Yeah, hi, I got you a gig up in West Hollywood…yeah it’s an album cover……some guy called Billy Vaughn….no, not ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ guy.  Yeah, you gotta dress up in black…leotard, tights, balaclava…and you gotta look enigmatic….no, not like those goddam ‘Milk Tray’ adverts….enigmatic…..”

If these were the ‘windmills’ of my mind, I think I’d be on the phone to Rentokil, muy pronto…..


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