The Trainers are not what they seem……

Now I am far too old to have been a part of the whole ‘trainer revolution’ of the 80’s and 90’s and….ongoing?  I’m one of those benighted old gits who think that trainers were something you put on if you were going to engage in some kind of physical exercise rather than something you lived in and which defined your personality.  I know, I know….there’s me then the dinosaurs, then darkness…..go figure.

Anyway, for some reason it has come to my attention that well-known globalisation experts Nike have this year issued a new ‘trainer’ based on the ‘Twin Peaks’ TV series.   Seriously…picture below…

 Note the blue owl on the side of the shoe…..apparently these trainers are not what they seem.  And inside, though you can’t obviously see it here, the insole is that black & white zig-zag pattern from the floor of the Black Lodge.

Thankfully, I don’t have to describe all the features verbally as there’s an excellent  and rather droll video review  with relevant clips from the series on YouTube – here’s the link:

My question is….WHY?   Why, some 20 years after the original TV series was aired have a global corporation like Nike brought out a shoe like this?   There must be a reason, but I cannot figure it – any ideas out there?

The shoes are about £70, which I would imagine is about par for a big clunky trainer like this.  I won’t be investing in a pair, but I would certainly like to know who, within the labyrinthine fastness of Fortress Nike, green-lighted this project – and why! 

As Leo Johnson would no doubt observe:  “New shoes!”


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