Album Cover of the Week…..

Mr Bat Sings what exactly?  There’s a scene in Peter Jackson’s ‘Return of the King’ where Sam & Frodo, disguised not very convincingly as orcs are ‘spotted’ by a senior and rather different-looking creature, who looks not unlike Mr Bat in this photo, albeit without the make-up.  By the time he reaches where they were standing they have slipped away….

Can’t find out too much about this guy except that his real name was Bruce Tweten, his wife apparently accompanies him (on what?)  and this album was made as recently as 1981.  I dread to think which market was this aimed at….

Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown from ‘It’  came a little later, so maybe Mr Bat started the whole ‘coulrophobia’ thing – coulrophobia is (of course) fear of clowns…


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