What was that again, Carlos?

OK, first things first – the really important football score from last night was Chelsea’s 3-0 drubbing of Birmingham City.  I saw Chelsea demolish Preston in the FA Cup at the weekend and they do look extremely powerful right now.  So, whilst we get sidetracked by games like last night’s Carling Cup squabble and Arsenal drop points at Villa,  Chelsea can just cruise off into the sunset and most likely will.

Anyway, United are through to the Carling Cup Final yet again thanks to a 3-1 second leg victory over City at Old Trafford last night.  And….praise where praise is due; I’m often quite harsh on United, but they definitely deserved this one and it was another good game to watch because or perhaps in spite of all the hype.

Michael Carrick watches as his slide-rule shot clips the far post on its way in for United’s second goal

City fans will be consoling themselves with the thought that Ferguson reneged on his plans to play ‘the kids’ in this competition and that City at last have a team that United are compelled to treat as something other than a batty old Auntie who lives up the road.  They’ll also take pleasure (though not as much as the sponsors) from the fact that they forced United to take seriously a competition that they have accorded scant respect in recent years.  But the fact is, you lost again, guys……….after all the hype and nonsense from and about Tevez and Neville, after all the scarves,  Blue Moons and rivers of Blue Ketchup rolling down Ashton New Road towards Old Trafford, after all of this and more, that clock will keep on rolling around towards 35 years…plus ça change, plus c’est la  même chose…….

And counting…..


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