Album Cover of the Week

Oooohhh dear, mega-scary this week.  This woman is actually the mother of country singer Lynn Anderson and had a err……solid career herself. This album is from 1970 when she was allegedly 40 years old (sure,sure….)  and features some finger-lickin’ country standards like ‘Okie from Muskogee’ . The title song appears to be about hanging round honky-tonks to secure a husband who is frisky on Fridays but a regular guy the rest of the week.  And also presumably a partially-sighted halfwit as well….

But it’s the cover really isn’t it….that face and hairdo……sort of like a well- intentioned car-crash….. that leg, thrust gamely forward like a giant half-chewed albino Pepperami………the gun, intended to be so dainty, but just looking like a  catheter or some other piece of plumbing apparatus attached to the old gal’s leg  …….and the final insult – the tired, bleached out colours of the photograph.

What were they thinking?


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