Album Cover of the Week

No, no, no…this is SO wrong……should have gone for another ‘take’…in fact should probably have taken the two of them out to a bar or rolled a big fat one before the shoot……they look so goddamned MISERABLE and the only ‘Elastic Event’ they look like they’ve ever had to contend with is the kind that leaves large red welts in your flesh because whatever you’re wearing is too tight!  I mean, look at the expression on the blonde girl’s face….haemorrhoids, or maybe that nasty polyester shift dress is chafing her thighs…..?  Who can say?  This misguided nonsense died so swift a death that whatever the cause of her pained expression, she took it with her into deserved oblivion.

The whole hippy psychedelic thing, even at this crassest of commercial levels, was supposed to be about cutting yourself free from the old, the hackneyed, the conventional – and going a bit wild!   These two look like they were running a Methodist Youth Group in Brechin and the wildest thing they had done for the last 200 years was to rack up a 30 pence fine at the local library. 

On the whole, it’s no surprise that people tended to go for the Mothers of Invention’s ‘We’re only in it for the money’ instead.


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