Album Cover of the Week……

Now this is more like it… more of that voodoo bullshit and a really good way to start the year!

I’m actually old enough to vaguely remember a time when you could get away with this kind of stuff. 

I would certainly like to have a read over the ‘Special Instruction Booklets’…could be pretty hot…

Best of all, it’s decribed as an ‘Exciting Two LP Set’, so what’s the protocol here?  Who gets to turn the record over?

Also, most LP’s would run to about 20 minutes per side, so this would be 80 minutes of hot Striptease/Belly Dance action….they’d surely be knackered by the end of Side 3…..I mean it’s more than mortal flesh could stand…

In fact, this could have been a Hitchcock-type plot to kill the hubby off with a massive coronary about 12 minutes into the Belly Dance gyrations.  Sinister, or what?  You can take nothing for granted where this kind of record is concerned.


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