New Year, New Decade……..

…and a Happy New Year to you, as well…..

It  occurs to me that we can now ditch that long-winded ‘two-thousand-and-‘ way of naming the year in favour of ‘twenty-ten‘ or ‘twenty-eleven’ and so on, which all sounds a lot crisper and simpler.

Anyway, I spent the early minutes of Twenty-Ten in the best possible way really, sat in my mate Ade’s kitchen, listening to Tom Bellamy start the year with a cracking rendition of ‘Visions of Johanna’ , which, if not actually my favourite Bob Dylan song, must be pretty damned close to it…

It’s a new decade, too, and perhaps the most sobering thing for me was to reflect – firstly back to the Millennium, which seems only a couple of years ago,  and then forward to the next decade, by which point I will be in my late 60’s.  Now there’s a scary thought….wonder if I’ll still be here?  Wonder if I’ll still be doing this or will blogs just be dismissed as so terribly ‘noughties’ by then?  Only time will tell…..


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