Album cover of the week……..

Young Ideas?   I don’t think so, somehow…..  The problem with something like this is that you just can’t tell if there’s any irony involved.  Not sure of the year – early 60’s maybe?  That being the case, probably no irony, in which case the image they are promoting here is just so dumb and so fake as well. Ukelele Boy and Hat Girl represent the kind of “innocence”  that their parents would want to believe in, but surely nobody else could. 

As usual, captioning the couples in the background is far more interesting…the couple to the left are seemingly involved in some ritual humiliation game, with the girl abasing herself, whilst the couple to the right are clearly involved in a dispute about something he wants her to do but she’s reluctant.  Now that’s much more realistic in terms of ‘Young Ideas’  than the image promoted by the pair of  happy fuckwits in the foreground!

Also, it doesn’t help that Ukelele Boy looks like Michael Ballack……


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