Five weeks gone, five to go…

It’s five weeks today since I last smoked – and I have a further five weeks of Champix to go before I throw my pharmaceutical crutches away and see if I can manage this without a safety net.


There have been days lately when this would have seemed like a pretty cool idea…..

I have to say that my expectations have been confounded regarding the way things have been going with this course of drugs.  I suppose I anticipated that things would be difficult and then get easier, whereas in fact things were pretty easy for the first couple of weeks and have been much more difficult since.  The cravings certainly haven’t gone away, the sleep patterns have been all over the place and the aches & pains (whether connected or unconnected) have been debilitating and disheartening at times.

I had my last appointment with Claire the Practice Nurse yesterday.  She has been great – a real source of support without ever lecturing or guilt-tripping me.  She says that I am welcome to go back and see her if I need/want to, but it’s obvious that she feels that she has done as much as is within her remit in terms of offering help.  She thinks that I’m heading into clear blue water….just hope she’s right.


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