Mixed emotions

Liverpool 2 United 0……

Yankees 5  Angels 2……

A day of mixed emotions….Both teams looked below par at Anfield and the predicted draw looked on until Rio allowed Torres to out-muscle him.  Once behind, United came out of their shell and looked far more dangerous, but Reina was still severely under-occupied. Not sure that Paul Scholes can really function at this level any more, Patrice Evra once again our most dynamic player.  The referee was a ‘homer’ as well – how he could (rightly) send off Vidic and not send off Carragher for a similar offence on Owen beggars belief.  I’m sure that Ferguson would have slated him were he not already in hot water for his comments about referees of late.  A disappointing afternoon for all United fans but I suspect this win won’t save the Dippers season…we shall see.

*Oct 25 - 00:05*


Better news from The Bronx, where a stellar pitching performance from Andy Pettitte finally laid the pesky Angels to rest as the Yankees took Game 6 of the ALCS to win the series 4-2.

The Yankees won’t have long to celebrate though as the World Series starts Wednesday….the so-called ‘Turnpike Series’ vs the current World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

In a way, I can’t lose as the Phillies are my ‘other’ (National League) team, but I won’t be sitting on the fence as I’ll be rooting for the Yankees….


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