Not even poor umpiring can stop C.C……

The Yankees are now just one win from the World Series following a 10-1 demolition of the Angels in Anaheim last night.  C.C. Sabathia was once again the dominant character in the game, pitching on 3 days rest and producing another stellar performance to keep the Angels’ bats quiet.


ALCS Yankees vs. Angels

C.C. Sabathia  points the way to the World Series

Whatever problems Alex Rodriguez once had with the post-season are now a dim and distant memory as he extended his hitting streak to 8 games and hit his 5th post-season homer.

The chief talking point in the game seems to have been a series of botched umpiring calls which really did neither team any particular favours but – given the final score – were hardly critical to the outcome.  There will no doubt be calls to extend the use of instant replay technology that is currently only available to rule on home runs and I dare say MLB will drag their feet over that, whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation.  It’s a similar tale here in Europe with football, where they are now trialling the use of extra referees instead of using technology.  In cricket, the commentary teams on TV have NASA-level technology that can tell us what the batsmen had for breakfast, but although the umpires can refer contentious decisions to ‘The Third Umpire’ with his TV feed, they tend to be used only at critical junctures.

In all of these situations, the fear seems to be that the introduction of technology somehow divests the Match Officials of some of their authority, but as any football fan will tell you, the best games tend to be the ones where you don’t notice the Officials at all, so their authority is never an issue unless they undermine it themselves with ill-judged decisions.

The other reservation – and this I can understand – is that use of Instant Replay slows down the action; as it stands, baseball umpires have to leave the field of play and go into a booth to review footage and in cricket, Third Umpire calls often seem to take an age to come through.  In football, where the action is more or less constant, interruptions like this would probably be unacceptable, but in the era of i-Phones, Blackberries and suchlike, it does seem ridiculous that referees cannot be supplied with a mobile review device that would certainly speed up any such process.

Then again of course, there are always going to be fans who insist on throwing beach balls on to the pitch……..but that’s slapstick for you…..


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