‘Neun und neunzig luftballons’…..as they say on Wearside..

As you can imagine, I am really enjoying the Dippers’ discomfiture after Saturday’s ‘beach ball’ goal at Sunderland.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch…


Mysteriously, the ‘beach set’ from which this ball comes has mysteriously disappeared from the Dippers internet store, though apparently they are still available to personal callers at the club lean-to and are selling like hotcakes to people with Manchester accents.  I bet you could also pick one up cheaply from Butlins at Rhyl.

Of course, United’s next game is at Anfield, during which jolly festivity I imagine that some of these balls are going to find their way on to the pitch.  I gather that the travelling United fans will also be treating the inmates  to extended choruses of  Nena’s ’99 Red Balloons’ , a song I thought I would never be glad to hear again….go figure…

Anyway, if the United fans are singing, it may take their minds off the hail of coins, darts and soiled nappies that they usually have to contend with…..


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