Going forward from here….

OK, so I promised myself that I would try this whole blogging thing for a couple of weeks as a potential distraction whilst  I tried to quit smoking and then I’d review the whole process to see how I felt about it.

So….I have to say that I am shocked by the sheer volume of material I have generated since I began this.  That’s the main surprise.  It’s almost like I had this reservoir of stuff sloshing around inside me and now that it’s found some kind of outlet it simply will not quit!

I think I’m also benefitting from the non-judgemental nature of the blog page.  The sea refuses no rivers and this blog seems happy to accept whatever I churn out without so much as a raised eyebrow or shake of the head.  Not sure whether this is a good thing or not, frankly….

Of course, the weird thing is that the blog is out there and -unlike Facebook – is accessible to anyone who picks up on any link or headline that intrigues them.  I got the hugest shock following my recent review of the Michael Aadal cd when I came home to find that the blog had registered over 90 hits in one day, most of them from people in Norway.  I’m glad I said so many nice things about the cd now – though I did mean them, honest!   What is even weirder is that the band have now started quoting chunks from my review in their publicity materials.  You couldn’t make it up, really.

Anyway, I’m sure the time is rapidly arriving when someone is going to take exception to something I write.  Given my high-profile support for the New York Yankees and Manchester United, I am surprised it hasn’t happened already.  Very few people have left comments so far ,but it will be interesting to see what people will say as and when this starts to happen.    A few of my closer friends have already been fed the address for the blog and I know a few of them are reading it, but I have fallen short of merely redirecting everyone from my Facebook page  across here because I’m not sure I’m ready for a mass influx, even if  such a thing was to happen.

I am actually much more comfortable with the whole blogging thing now.  The search for a mode of expression that falls some way short of naked confessional stuff, yet aspires to be something more than just  a bland record of daily life is what I suppose I’m aspiring to – and I may get better at it as I go along.  Anyway, going along is what I intend to do for now and if people enjoy reading it, then so much the better.


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