ALDS Game 2: Another Hollywood ending for the Yankees….

The New York Yankees will take on the Minnesota Twins in the Minneapolis Metrodome tonight in what could be a decisive Game 3 of the American League Divisional series.  A win for the Yankees will see them through to the Championship Series against either the Angels or the Red Sox.  A win for the Yankees would also represent the closing act for major league baseball in the Metrodome; next year the Twins are moving to an outside stadium.  They must know something about climate change that no-one else does….teams are certainly going to enjoy playing in the balmy heat of Minneapolis in April………aren’t they?

Anyway all this has come to pass due to the dramas of Game 2 of this series, which went to extra innings and was ended in the 11th by Mark Texeira’s bullet of a line drive to left  field, which actually bounced off the top of the wall into the crowd to give the Yankees a dramatic walk-off win.  They had been 3-1 down to the Twins as late as the bottom of the ninth inning, but a two-run homer from Alex Rodriguez brought the scores level and sent the game into extras.  A-Rod’s tenure as a post-season choker would now finally seem to be over.  Unbelievably, this was the fourth time this year that the Yanks had beaten the Twins with a walk-off score.  Predictably, the Stadium went nuts and the players were in ecstatic mood.  Hope Coach  Girardi reminds the team that they still have some way to go yet….


Alex Rodriguez pumps his fist in celebration as his ninth inning homer rescues the Yankees in Game 2.  Incidentally, as far as I know,  this shot has not been photoshopped!


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