Yankees off to a flyer in the ALDS….

The closer the Yankees get to the World Series, the more the absence of  baseball on UK terrestrial TV irritates me.  I suppose the answer is just to ante up and pay for ESPN or Turner or whoever is showing the post-season, but household accounting and domestic politics would not permit this, frankly, nor would the late nights do me any favours.  Oh well, I’ll just have to follow it as best as I can via MLB.com…

Anyway, the Yanks are off to a great start in the ALDS (American League Divisional Series), with a pretty comfortable 7-2 win over the Minnesota Twins in the Bronx last night.  Derek Jeter hit a two run homer to get the Yankees on the board and Hideki Matsui added another one later.  The story of the night, however would have to be the 2 RBI’s added by Alex Rodriguez, for so long a non-factor in post-season play.  These were his first post-season runs since 2004, so you could say he was overdue.


Derek Jeter – two-run homer to get the Yankees under way


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